Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Daily Links for 23.06.2010: Urban Outfitters, Airlines & Oil and Cannes

Congratulations to everyone who was involved with winning this. I'm lucky to work in the same company with such talented people, though I must have been busy/out of the office they day they were doing this since I have no involvement with it.

It is really quite a cool campaign.
I'll spare you a conversation about the irony of a multinational corporation replicating the look of mom and pop businesses that lack their scale. Instead, I'll say that I do think its an interesting piece of retail theater, as anything that makes people interested to investigate the retail space is quite cool.
I'm not too outraged by this, because I think the advert is pretty tongue and cheek, but I imagine a sizable amount of Gulf Coast consumers might disagree with me. Probably better to not spoof the giant environmental disaster, but kudos for being daring.

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