Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Daily Links for 08.06.2010

A cross platform ad solution can definitely help to utilize scale in development, but encoding Adobe Flash into HTML 5 (to make it Apple palatable), probably won't sit well with Cupertino. Interactive ads (including iAds) are utilizing HTML 5 in a way that shouldn't allow for an outright and quick ban of this workaround, but I wouldn't be surprised if something happened along those lines in the future.
Reconciling how advertising placement is classified and measured relative to online & application channels should make for an interesting time as iPad ownership continues to grow
I've loved this campaign since I saw it in Clapham North Tube station last week. AMV captures the spirit of intellectual debate by juxtaposing two sides of an arguement on alternate OOH posters, showing the way that a similarly intellectual publication can interrogate an issue.
Socialized shopping through Facebook & Twitter seems to have more impact than just enhancing the brand experience. Interesting figures on how tangible spend can come from social media interaction.

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