Thursday, 10 June 2010

Daily Links For 10.06.2010 (Spotify on TV, Foursquare, the APP store & More)

Spotify is continuing to move between platforms in a way that shows how streaming music should be done correctly. I love the service and while keeping a laptop out to hear music isn't too much of a pain, Spotify TV should be great at extending the service's reach

Incredibly useful analysis of how CPM & CTR breaks down for applications on the uptick within the App Store. The power of associated cross-selling shown through this is a good guide on how to encourage multiple consumer actions within the platform. In a channel where robust case studies are hard to find online, this is quite useful.

Can Foursquare and Gowalla put mobile ads on the map?
The location based networks seem to be hitting on all the right cylinders for progress in mobile advertising and sales promo., but the spectre of Facebook's location based service launching has to be worrying.

After Twitter stated their aim to develop more traditionally external features for the network, link shortening seemed like the logical first step. Now that Twitter has started to rollout the service, its interesting to see how they can enhance the overall service with it. As allows for a plus 140 character text limit (before shortening of links), the experience should be closer to what Tweetdeck currently offers with auto-shortening.

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