Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Daily Links: (02.06.2010)

The death of IE6 can only breathe more functionality into every user's internet experience. Developing web content for a browser which managed to break almost every standard of design was horrible on its own, but the staying power of IE6 over the last 8-10 years has done massive damage to where Internet usability could be. The browser, mostly propped up by corporate usage over the last few years, has seen its time pass well by. Now, if we could only get Firefox's browser share above one of the other IE versions.
Its amazing to see traditionally huge retailers, which are used to crushing the competition with scale and large locations, considering the idea of 'right sizing' retail formats.The approach that grocers like Tesco & Sainsbury in the UK have used, seems to be catching on. Trading just large locations for a mix of corner store/local to hypermarket mixes seems to be the way forward. Its become true that not everything has to be a big box destination location and consumers will trade selection for convenience in some circumstances.
Really straightfoward yet informative look at what makes up the 'semantic' web everyone is talking about. Semantic & Web 3.0 get banded around alot, but I think this video starts to break down what it might be about and the different ways to get there.
Its interesting that Loopt has 3.4 million users to Foursquare's 1.4 million, as it seems that Foursquare has captured the geo-located zeitgeist in a more pronounced way. The advent of Loopt Star (the integrated gaming/retail incentive) element for the network should increase attractiveness (and the facebook integration is a plus), but I'll be intrigued to see if they can do anything that hasn't already been done. I don't want to be the mayor and the boss of my favourite pub, I just want to know where my friends are around it and maybe get a free round. It seems like this market will contract before/during its rise in popularity.

AppleInsider | iPhone OS 4 beta 4 Places geotagging feature now works
So first everyone is talking about possible Facebook integration into the iPhone/iPod OS and now these pictures arrive from the OS 4 Beta. Between integrated geotagging of pictures and the 'places'/'event's headers, it seems like the next offering is moving towards a heavily unified content sharing platform.
The 'internet of things' seems to still be a rather unclear concept, but as our devices become more and more connected, the reality of it is becoming more and more tangible. I love the juxtaposition that more data can generate greater insights, but also requires much more complex ideas and techniques.

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