Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Daily Links for 16.06.2010

3 Things:
1.) Mello Yellow is still around....thats kinda cool
2.) Being outsold by 603 million cases (by Mountain Dew) may indicate that more than a throwback look is required
3.) Dr. Pepper vintage designs would be much cooler, but Mello Yellow does lend itself (as a brand) to some late 70's/early 80's mystique
This is a pretty exciting gambit by Exxon. On one hand, some effort is necessary by the sector to address concerns over the 15,000 deep water wells still operating. However, alternatively, people who live in potentially oil soaked houses, shouldn't really throw tar balls....
Nintendo's 3DS looks to be only the first, in an increasing line of handheld consumer goods sporting 3D within this current wave of development. While the 3DS alone may not drive 3D content adoption, coupled with other devices coming out, we may see 3D mobile as a viable content format soon.
Gawker clearly illustrates how the cycle of curiosity and reporting on the internet can take a Google trends prank and manufacture a quickly reported rumor.

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