Monday, 25 October 2010

The Top London Ad Agencies by Foursquare Check-in (21.10.2010) [Infographic]

London Foursquare Ad Agency Rankings (21.10.2010)

Well the only thing scarier than the psudo Halloween motif we've gone with for the pre-Halloween version of the infographic might be the clustering in the bottom left of the graph. This might be forgiven though, as McCann's immense check-in growth is a problem to scale no matter how you cut it. It really seems to illustrate the power of consolidating locations and driving activity, to the level of doubling check-ins since the last time I tried a Foursquare ad infographic. 

Also interesting is the staying power of Foursquare Activity relative to the launch of Facebook Places. It seems that agencies are slower to adopt Facebook's location platform than pre-launch hype might have suggested. At the least, it seems that users who picked up Foursquare have carried on, regardless of other options.

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  1. Hi Dubose,

    To make things more competitive in the agency rankings you could include my colleagues at Latitude Digital Marketing next time ;) here is a link to our venue page on foursquare although it will be changing soon as we undergo an office move:


    Matt H