Monday, 12 July 2010

Daily Links for 12.07.2010: AE Gives Away Cell Phones, App News on Phones & more..

App Inventor for Android
The ability to visually create (without required coding) object oriented applications for the Android platform could make this an indispensable part of how droid competes with the iPhone. I love the idea that simple tools and games can be easily knocked together on the platform. I'm also quite excited for how this could be used to teach basic programming, with the ability to make mobile apps as a reward.

On the flip side of it, balancing ease of use and power is always an issue. The way that App Inventor links into APIs and expanded functionality may make the difference on its shelf life.

I know iAds is still in a phase of incredibly high interest (meaning people are literally tracking down the apps to find the ads), but it is interesting that an application developer has managed to leverage the platform so quickly.

Trying on a 40 dollar pair of jeans to net a free smart phone (with a 2 year service plan) seems like a pretty entertaining deal. This doesn't seem to be costing anyone that much as the provider gets the expected revenue of a 2+ year plan, AE gets footfall and PR coverage & the handset makers get some unexpected market penetration. Hooray for retail synergy.

Interesting that this doesn't come around more often in the US at different locations. I can imagine that an iphone dock and speakers per booth will have some horrible consequences entailing a cacophony of different Top 40 songs, but its good to see locations encouraging mobile interaction.

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