Sunday, 14 February 2010

Super Bowl XLIV and Twitter [Infographic]

       So this time a week ago, as I sat down to watch two teams I had little interest in (thanks Packers and subsequently Vikings for not livening up the day) fight for the NFL championship, I also decided to track what activity Twitter manifested for the game. The results, shown below in my first attempt at an infographic, are interesting, though after examination, I doubt they are complete. My sample was over 300,000 messages from the hours before till after the game, but I think due to the speed at which they were sent, I didn't get everyone. I still thought the data was interesting enough to be represented below, but keep in mind this is more of a thorough global sample than an exhaustive collection.

Comments and Suggestions about the methodology, the infographic design and the results are welcome.

Click for larger version..... 

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  1. Nice work mate. I'll give you a hand with the next one as I've been scratching my head about a few.